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Maven dependencies goal

Maven dependencies goal

Name: Maven dependencies goal

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This goal is meant to be bound to a lifecycle phase and configured in your pom. xml. It will resolve the artifact from the repository and place a copy in the specified . Goals Overview. The Dependency plugin has several goals: dependency: analyze analyzes the dependencies of this project and determines. fortlauderdalebasketballcourts.coms:maven-dependency-plugincopy- Goal that copies the project dependencies from the repository to a defined location.

This goal is intended to be used standalone, thus it always executes the test- compile phase - use the dependency:analyze-only goal instead when participating. In copying specific artifacts, you need to bind the dependency:copy mojo to a . The dependency:copy goal can also be used to copy the just built artifact to a. fortlauderdalebasketballcourts.coms:maven-dependency-pluginlist. Description: Displays the list , boolean, alpha-5, not used in this goal.

Project dependencies are the dependencies declared in your pom. To copy them with their transitive dependencies, use the dependency:copy-dependencies. fortlauderdalebasketballcourts.coms:maven-dependency-plugintree alpha-6, A comma-separated list of artifacts to filter from the serialized dependency tree. Analyzes the dependencies of this project and determines which are: used and declared; used and undeclared; unused and declared. This goal is intended to. fortlauderdalebasketballcourts.coms:maven-dependency-pluginresolve. Description: Goal that resolves the project dependencies from the repository. When using.


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